September 1, 2016

Alternative Transportation

Transportation forms an integral part of human life. One of the key modes of transportation is the road which is facilitated by motor vehicles. Even though road transportation is very important to human life, challenges have arisen over the course of time. This brief essay is an analysis of the reasons why alternatives modes of transportation should be sought and why international laws on car ownership and use should be established.


The advent of developments and civilization has resulted to an increased number of motor vehicles in the results. This increase in the number of vehicles has resulted to an increase in fuel consumption. The result has been excessive pollution. Cars emit several poisonous gases such as carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is responsible for the increased rates of global warming (Jacobson, 2002). If a solution is to ever be found on these problems, then international laws should be established to regulate the use of cars.

Moreover, the use of cars for transportation is not economical at all. With the majority of middle-income earners seeking to own cars, the world is likely to run into a fuel crisis. Too much fuel is consumed by cars while the number such cars carry is very small. Therefore, to cut on the consumption of fuel alternative methods modes of transport like the rail should be pursued. The railway transport system is able to carry numerous persons at once unlike personal cars (Rogers et al, 2012).

In the light of the principle of sustainable development adopted during the 1992 Earth Summit, it is only prudent to reduce the number of cars being used and have international laws that regulate such use (Rogers et al, 2012). This will considerably cut on the consumption of fuel and reduce pollution. Future generations will certainly recognize the efforts made in this era to save on fuel.

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