August 31, 2016

Do we become used to bad news? Would it be better if more good news was reported?

Indeed, the media plays a crucial role in sharing information that helps people make informed decisions in business, during voting, and lifestyle among others areas. Today, news can be disseminated using both traditional and social media.  In most cases, a lot of news is about negative issues such as rumors, or praising celebrities’ bad behaviors.  Hence, as a medium of socialization, watching and listening to bad news about the government, family, and the church can create negative perceptions towards these institutions (Rosengren, 1994). For example, bad news about social, economic, or political rumors can manipulate people into making wrong decisions.


The media has high influence in the society especially among the youths (Perse, 2001). For instance, there have been many cases of school shootings. After investigations, offenders are believed to have played violent video games, or watched violent movies. Often, most children imitate what they see or hear from television, radio, and social media. Therefore, it is critical that the media should focus on reporting good news frequently to influence the public positively. Watching positive news about young entrepreneurs, and the vast business opportunities in the society can change how young people think, and approach life (Perse, 2001). More so, the media influences how people dress, think, and relate to one another (Perse, 2001). Hence, this agent of socialization should adhere to giving the public good news frequently to influence positively human behavior.

In conclusion, the media should consider reporting good news often to ensure that the society is not overwhelmed by bad ideas, which negatively changes audience behavior.  Since young people often imitate what they see or hear from the media, it is critical to report news that will help viewers/listeners make the right decisions and live ethical lives.

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