September 29, 2016

Do’s and Don’ts of Coursework Writing




  • Make a backup copy of your research findings and data, and all sorts of work you have performed. Composing a coursework assignment is a long process and during this time period, you can easily never be sure your computer or laptop does not glitch, or that your pets do not eat your precious papers.
  • Make sure that all sources, you have found and used during the process of writing your coursework essay, should be cited properly. It is worthy to remember that the coursework needs to be free from plagiarism including accidental one.
  • Run away from broad statements, simplifications, generalizations, etc. You do not have any necessity to sound like a real scientist with a great experience in a particular field, but do not try to describe in simplistic terms those facts, which do not require such simplification.
  • You will need to complete your final variant regarding the paper and turn into the real coursework writers a bit prior to the deadline. In this way, if your scientific supervisor discovers some serious disadvantages that have to be fixed, you will have enough time to solve this issue fixing all mistakes and gaps.


  • Leave your topic in the same form as it has come to your head. Check always whether it is possible to narrow down the topic a bit, because when it is unclear or indistinct, composing a paper alongside with CV coursework is going to be far more difficult for you that you might expect.
  • Use jargons, slang wordsб contractions like “don’t,” ain’t,” “gonna,” etc. The coursework language has to be formal and systematic.
  • Introduce fresh tips in the final summary, the so-called coursework in resume. All principles and ideas must certainly be presented logically within the body paragraphs, totally expanding and elaborating on the research sources and data.
  • Make unqualified statements without the support of quotations and referenced data.

Common Mistakes

  • Not allocating time that is enough for conducting research.
  • The absence of editing and proofreading. These actions are really important because sometimes the ‘fee’ for a blunder is simply too high.
  • Submitting your coursework paper when the deadline is nearly over. It takes students time which they could have spent correct all errors and double-check the paper.
  • Gullible statements, improper formatting, missed citations, excessive simplification (or, to the contrary, complication) regarding the text.
  • Not making the written text reader-friendly.

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