August 23, 2016

Factors That Contribute To a Good Movie

In my opinion, the major factor that contributes to a good movie is the cast. The director may have a good storyline. However, without the right team to deliver it, the movie will not be successful. Many audiences tend to associate the success of a movie to the cast, regardless of the storyline (Wallace, Seigerman, & Holbrook, 1993). The use of a few star actors helps to improve the profile of the movie. People tend to notice movies in which star actors have featured. The right cast should not include a large number of star actors. Hiring too many star actors would become very expensive to the producers. Given that the film industry in the United States is a multimillion-dollar industry, the use of star actors in a film is almost imperative.


The second-most important factor that contributes to the success of a movie is the storyline. A good storyline should keep the audience glued to the screen for the entire movie. It should keep the audience guessing of what will happen next in the movie. Poor storylines that do not meet these criteria make a movie unattractive. Directors should avoid the all-too-common storylines. Gardiner (2009) explains how the Marx Brothers build their empire in the film industry by placing emphasis on good storylines. The Marx Brothers invested in films with storylines that stood out. They invested in films that did not have conventional storylines. They were willing to try out new storylines. Given that the Marx Brothers existed in an era when the content on screens was limited, they were willing to experiment. The Marx Brothers proved the importance of a good storyline to the success of a film.

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