September 9, 2016

Most High level Jobs are done by men

In our common observation, we get to see the men being the heads of the companies and organizations. The mankind’s society is a mix of men and women. Excessive presence of one, or the subsequent absence of the other member will result in an imbalance in the overall outlook of society and its functions. The professional work environment and government organizations are one similar example. Largely, we get to see men being the decision makers and deciding upon the important matters. The women should be brought about into the sphere of decision making.


This action will have number of benefits to it. The first is that of overcoming the archaic concepts of gender discrimination where woman was not even allowed to cast votes until the early 20th century. For second reason, the women will enable providing opportunities and competition in the government corridors of decision making. Further, more competition will bring along dynamic outlook to the government functions. Since, it is largely being said that women possess an aesthetic sense to their working and ability, their presence, the opportunities provided to them in terms of reaching the top notch posts will allow for more dynamic, competitive and colorful outlook (Wang, 2012. P. 63).

No society can prosper without the equal presence and participation of women in the modern times. The industrial revolution is one prime example (McNeese, 2000,p. 10). Its success can be attributed to the active presence and participation of women in the different spheres of commercial and public life. Their active presence will allow the women coming forth. Further, since a general perception of neglect and silence is constructed against their presence, their moving to top posts will allow sense of accomplishment and ownership. Hence women should be allowed to participate and be the top posts holders in the government posts and offices.

2 Comments on “Most High level Jobs are done by men

Vincent Baker
September 20, 2016 at 3:02 am

Nice article! Nowadays, I think that both men and women have high level jobs. One job is most suitable for one gender other job for another.

Patricia Elliott
September 27, 2016 at 3:22 am

Agree with Vincent. Nowadays, both genders are equitable.


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