September 2, 2016

Importance of Education in National Development

The globalized landscape has provided for innumerable inroads towards the rapid development of a country thereby triggering a revolution in the administration, culture, traditions, and technology of that particular country. According to the UNESCO Report (2005), the industrial and technological revolution has reduced the workload of humans but it exponentially increased the amount of talent, skill and expertise that is required for handling or taking care of any subject matter. In the context of such a scenario, education is the most important factor which forms a strong and stable foundation for the upcoming workforce to shape the country in the future.


According to Baker, Goesling & LeTendre (2002), the repercussions of efficient education help any country grow and evolve in a holistic manner mainly due to the direct impact that it has in providing strong ground for its people. Basic education is fundamental to all human beings in order to think and act as members of a society, nation and this world. Secondary and higher education is a prerequisite for a man to be engaged in any profession of his choice. Since human resources are given utmost importance and value in any nation, it is the development of these human resources that either directly or indirectly assumes undisputed importance as far as development of a country is concerned. If one has to look towards development in other respects, it can be chained down to some or the other kind of education that is necessary for any such development.

Education and knowledge have been regarded as priceless assets that can be held by human beings. As such, it is these assets which lead to development of any country. Although there are many other factors without which development of a country isn’t possible, the one which separates the development in one country from that in another is the level of education possessed by the people of that nation.

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