September 7, 2016

Sex Education Debate

Sexual education in schools is one of the most controversial issues on the today’s educational agenda. Traditionally, both Western and Eastern educational approaches considered sex-related issues as a taboo. However, the current program in the American and European schools contain some forms of primary sex education, although the curriculums vary between the states.


The main argument of the opponents is that sex education contravenes religious commandments and public morality, especially in the countries with Muslim ideology. They fervently advocate that the teens may become perverted, and depart from the communal moral standards. Homosexuality and premarital sexual relations are among the most important concerns in this regard.

However, the rise in early pregnancies in the early 1990th, proliferation of AIDS and HIV among the adolescents are the best illustrations that sexual education is becoming an alarming necessity (Carlson, 2003). There is a unanimous opinion among the scholars that while the children should not be invigorated to engage into early sexual intercourses, the most basic rules of safety should be taught in schools. Professor Reich advocates the idea that the curriculums should focus on biology while excitement-arousal aspects should be purposefully concealed in primary schools.

Furthermore, the argument about religious prohibition lacks a solid foundation. Neither Quran nor the Holy Bible explicitly forbids speaking about sex. Furthermore, the both Holy Scriptures argue that the humans should know how to protect themselves against all types of threats. Nowadays, healthcare hazards are far more dangerous than arms. Therefore, constraints imposed on sex education by religion should be understood not as the Voice of the Lord, but as the product of subsequent wrongful interpretations (Allyn, 2000).

Overall sexual literacy is an important element of the today’s healthcare campaign. Provided that the decency standards are observed, sex education should become an essential element of any curriculum.

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Steven Hill
September 12, 2016 at 5:58 pm

Really good statement. As for me, sex education is very important in everyone’s life. Special it is necessary to not to do a lot of mistakes.


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