August 26, 2016


A parent can be a father or mother a child or children. To parent is the act of bringing up, raising, mentoring a child who could be biological or adopted. Naturally nature places women in a position closer to children than the men. They conceive and carry babies through pregnancy, they breastfeed and care for children thanks to what nature has given them [John Adams, 2014].This to some extent might seem to have disadvantaged male parents.

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The early years of life most needs of a child are met by the mother thanks to the bond they have had from infancy. This should not be confused to be better parentage. As women carry pregnancy to a point they can’t handle house chores, the man steps in to do house chores bearing in mind the whole day he was at work. He works hard to raise money for insurance and he is the shoulder for the same woman as she carries the baby.

Later in life the same man will go to work and work so hard to provide for his family. His absence from the family most times, should never be mistaken as well for poor parenting. The woman then will take the children shopping and with time the children start appreciating her for her ever presence. To them she is the hero who takes them shopping and to events. What they fail to realize is that the man works hard to provide, he has a roof on top them, dresses them even when he doesn’t accompany. No one seems to see and appreciate the man for the role he plays. What everyone seems not to realize is that the man is never around to spend more time because he is busy trying to make money for the wife and children to spend [Tom Sykes, 2008].


Cindy Clark
September 2, 2016 at 7:17 pm

No one is better! Child needs both mother and father! It is a life rule!

Madison Lamberts
September 21, 2016 at 3:04 am

Thank you for this article! I agree that fathers are always busy, and no one see and appreciate the male role in family. I’m confident in that both parents are necessary.
Madison Lamberts


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